Can Strength Resistance Bands Help You Lose Weight?

Can Strength Resistance Bands Help You Lose Weight?

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A resistance band enables you to work out just about anywhere.

If you do a basic Internet search for “lose weight, ” there are a whopping 275,000 million results that pop up within seconds, which only serve to confuse, rather than clarify. Instead of wading through the myriad results, which are full of gimmicks and empty promises, one of the best ways to lose weight comes from good, old-fashioned diet and exercise.

Yet even narrowing your search to include those words does little help to narrow your field of choices.

A great place to start is to speak to the professional trainers whose careers are built on helping people find long-term solutions for weight loss. They know what works and what delivers the best bang for your buck when you're trying to lose weight and get in shape. And resistance bands rank among one of the more popular weapons in the battle against the bulge because of their ability to turn any exercise into more of a calorie-burning effort.


  • Using resistance bands helps you lose weight, because you torch extra calories, no matter what exercise you're doing.

The Power of Resistance

“There is no trick to escaping the old-school method of losing weight: creating a calorie deficit,” says Sanja Brosnan of Sanja Brosnan Training in Malibu, California. Brosnan says she uses resistance tubing with all of her clients because of their versatility, giving her clients a full range of motion that is otherwise impossible with weight training.

For example, you can put resistance bands around your legs, giving the traditional donkey kick a little extra, well, kick. Get on all fours and put the band around your ankles. Then raise one ankle with your knee still bent a a 90-degree angle, and lift it up behind you for a fantastic workout for your glutes. The bands provide resistance that kick the exercise up a notch by providing extra resistance as you lift your leg.

You can also perform the same type of exercise by standing with the band around your calves and performing lateral leg movements, simply moving one leg out to the side against the resistance of the band.

“You can really torch more calories if you put the band around your ankles and perform a set of jumping jacks,” says Brosnan. You can even place the band around your arms to build strength in your upper body (and burn more calories) during your jumping jacks.

Building Strength Burns More Calories

“One of the greatest advantages of using a resistance band is that you're building extra strength while you work out,” says Brosnan. And more muscle means you're burning more calories, both during and after your workout.

For traditional strength-building squats, place the resistance band just above your knees and perform a set of 10-15 squats (or whatever number works for you), keeping the band as taut as possible. Not only are you burning more calories during your squats, your upper leg muscles get in a little extra exercise holding the band.

The Convenience Factor

If you're constantly on the go or you travel frequently for work, resistance bands are the smallest work-out tools that will fit into any carry-on luggage. You can also keep one or two in the trunk of your car if you stop for a walk during a long road trip.

In either case, the bands can go where you go, taking up very little space, and they provide a workout that's comparable to any state-of-the-art hotel gym.

Get Creative

“Resistance bands are only limited by your imagination,” says Brosnan. If you have a particular exercise regimen, experiment by adding resistance bands to each exercise to see where you can target certain muscle groups a little more intensely and burn more calories.

Even the traditional plank can be turned into a calorie-burner if you place the band around your ankles. Then while you're in your plank position, try some plank jacks by jumping your legs out and then back in with the resistance band. Maintain the plank position while you're doing this, and you'll be working almost every muscle in your body.

A Band for the Ages

Brosnan says that black, heavy resistance bands by Perform BetterВ® are some of the best resistance bands around, and they cost less than a day pass at most gyms and deliver years of great, calorie-burning benefits.

When it comes to losing weight, make the most of your workout by adding some resistance bands that will help strengthen and shape your body, while maximizing your calorie burning at the same time.


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