Dip and Leg-Raise Machine Exercises

Dip and Leg-Raise Machine Exercises

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The dip and leg-raise machine allows exercisers to easily perform dips and leg raises. These two exercises are both basic and compound, making the machine especially useful for someone trying to build muscle or put together an efficient routine. The dip primarily works the chest while the leg raise primarily works the abs. Moreover, both the dip and the leg raise do have variations, allowing you to alter how they contribute to your routine.

Made to Exhaust You

The dip and leg-raise machine looks like a high chair without the seat. With arm support and back support, the dip and leg-raise machine allows you to hold your body suspended in the air, a position needed for both the dip and leg raise. Unlike many other machines in the gym, the dip and leg-raise machine focuses on basic and compound exercises. A “basic” exercise puts more absolute intensity on your muscles. A “compound” exercise engages multiple joints at once. You will find that exercises that are both compound and basic, such as the dip and leg raise, tend to be more exhausting and effective than other exercises in your weightlifting routine.

Just Raise Your Legs

Exercisers can often figure out how to perform the leg raise simply by looking at the dip and leg-raise machine. The leg raise requires you to be in the “seated” position, in which your back is against the back rest and your arms are on the arm rests, hands gripping the handles on the arm rest. You will naturally find yourself in a suspended position. Start with your legs hanging down, body vertical. Flex your hips and knees to bring your butt upward and your knees close to your chest. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Want Some Chips With That Dip?

You perform the dip in the reverse direction of a leg raise -- by facing the back rest. Instead of resting your back and arms on the machine, grip the horizontal handles so that your forearms are vertical. Raise yourself off the ground as you take your starting position. Bend your knees and “dip” your body forward so that your shoulders are horizontally even with your elbows. From there, press downward to raise your body upward, finishing the movement as you come back and your elbows lock. Repeat.

We All Get Bored

The dip and leg-raise machine is primarily for dips and leg raises, but these two exercises have variations. For the dip, you have the option of engaging your triceps -- the muscles on the back of your upper arms -- more heavily than your chest. To do this, maintain a straight position for your dips, without the forward dipping or bent knees; otherwise, the movement is the same. For the leg raise, you can straighten your legs during the movement to increase the difficulty. You can also scoot away from the back rest before you begin to engage more muscles in the exercise, as your body requires more muscles to stabilize your movement.

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